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Pure Leaf Kratom

If you’ve taken a look around at existing kratom companies, many leave a lot to be desired in terms of information and experience. It can be hard to find a company with a good reputation and one that has a reliable image and product line. This is why it was a bit surprising to come across Pure Leaf Kratom, which checks off all of the boxes and avoids the red flags you would expect whenever you jump on a popular kratom site. 

If Pure Leaf Kratom has come up on your list of websites to look for kratom products on, let’s dive deeper into this company and its line of kratom 

What Is Pure Leaf Kratom? 

Pure Leaf Kratom is a health and wellness Kratom company based in Los Angeles, CA (their contact page says New York, New York but this appears to be a demo contact info box that has not yet been changed). Their focus is on helping their customers experience relief from stress, fatigue, and chronic pain with the four strains of kratom offered on their website. 

The biggest issue with Pure Leaf Kratom that should be stated up front is that they do not sell their products directly. Rather, their online store sends you to their distributor which, at the time of writing, does not currently offer any of the products from the Pure Leaf Kratom line. There are other distributors out there, however. So if you feel compelled to try Pure Leaf Kratom, you can get it from other online vendors. 

Pure Leaf Kratom Strains 

Although Pure Leaf Kratom does not sell its products directly to customers, the good news is that it is very transparent about what each product is designed to do, making it easier to buy a kratom strain based on your health and wellness needs. The four strains offered by Pure Leaf Kratom include: 

Red Kali 

Their Red Kali capsules are said to be excellent for those suffering from pain, with conditions that may benefit from kratom consumption including arthritis, chronic pain, and similar illnesses or injuries causing long-lasting pain. If you need a more organic method to treat pain, soothe stress, and promote full-body relaxation, Red Kali capsules may be the best product on Pure Leaf Kratom for you. 

Bali Gold

Some forms of kratom either provide a major energy boost or serious relaxation properties, which can be too far on either end for some users. Bali Gold provides more of a balanced experience, offering users a great way to get the energy they need while still benefitting from the relaxing, pain-relieving properties that kratom has to offer. 

White Borneo 

Many users who take kratom want to be able to have a positive experience when going through their day-to-day lives. White Borneo is a kratom strain that offers benefits like improved focus, increased alertness, and enhanced concentration, making it an excellent strain for people who need to get through the day with peak mental and physical performance. 

Maeng Da 

Finally, we have their Maeng Da strain. At low doses, this popular product is said to have uplifting effects that are both stimulating and energizing. At higher doses, Maeng Da is known to provide serious pain relief while simultaneously inducing mild sedation. If you’re looking for a kratom strain that can do it all, choosing the Maeng Da capsules offered by Pure Leaf Kratom is an excellent way to get the most out of your kratom experience. 

Some kratom brands can complicate the process, providing far too many options while offering very little information on what they are said to do once taken by the user. Fortunately, brands like Pure Leaf Kratom simplify the shopping experience by focusing on fewer products and providing better insight into what each one will be able to do for you once you take it. If you are looking to purchase kratom for the first time (or simply want to switch over to a new brand to see if you can enhance your experience), use the guide above to learn more about what Pure Leaf Kratom is and what types of products they have to offer.