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What is Gold Bali Kratom?


Gold Bali kratom, also known as “Bali gold kratom”, is an unusual strain that has been gaining more attention in kratom communities as of late. Some users swear by it, while others claim there's nothing special about it.

Gold Bali Kratom is believed to be the most popular strain on the market today. According to Bali Gold Kratom enthusiasts, this strain offers the most pleasant experience.

So what is Gold Bali kratom, and is it right for you? The question may be more complicated than you think.

What is Gold Bali Kratom?

As with most strains of Kratom, the name is divided into two parts: a geographic point of origin and color. Bali gold kratom is a strain of kratom with origins in the Bali region of Southeast Asia. The unique climate, soil acidity, and agricultural practices of that region create a kratom strain with a distinct alkaloid profile resulting in a set of distinct effects.

Not all Bali strains are created equal, not all Bali kratom is grown in Bali. 

By duplicating the growing conditions indigenous to Bali farms, Kratom growers throughout southeast Asia can produce kratom strains identical to those grown natively there. There is no visible difference between the Bali kratom strain grown vs. one grown elsewhere in Indonesia or the rest of Southeast Asia. So long as the Bali kratom strains are grown by reputable farmers users should enjoy a consistent kratom experience regardless of the origin.

What Puts the “Gold” in Bali Gold Kratom?

Unfortunately, there is very little consistency between different vendors’ strains of “Gold” Bali kratom. There are at least two common definitions for “gold” kratom strains, and vendors aren’t always clear on which they’re using.

What’s more, the two types of gold kratom will have vastly different effects, making it almost impossible for users to be certain of the quality and character of the products they’re consuming.


Gold Kratom as “Sun-Dried”: One of the most common definitions for gold kratom is the result of sun-drying another strain, most often (but not always) red Kratom.

Although the science on this process is still poorly understood, advocates will tell you that sun-drying kratom modifies the leaf’s alkaloid profile and effects.


 Specifically, they claim, it accelerates the breakdown of mitragynine and fosters a higher concentration of 7-hydroxymitragyine.

Certainly, some farms use this method, but the science behind it is unproven. According to popular theory, however, changing the alkaloid balance in this manner would reduce the strain’s energizing effects and increase its pain-fighting effects.


Gold Kratom as a Mixture: The other common definition of gold kratom isn’t a strain or treatment at all. It’s a mixture of other kratom strains aimed at producing a specific set of effects.

As with “sun-dried” gold kratom, the effects can be inconsistent and unpredictable. But with mixtures, that risk is even higher; indeed, there’s virtually no consistency between the strains that are mixed to create so-called “gold” Bali kratom.


Most often, these mixtures will be predominately based on a red vein Kratom powder which accounts for the darker hues that, when mixed with a green or white strain, can take on a gold appearance.

So what is gold vein kratom? Hard to say, as there’s very little consistency across vendors. At least two common definitions are going around, and it’s not always clear which definition a given vendor is using.

What are the effects of Gold Bali Kratom?

Gold Bali can increase your energy, Gold Bali is believed to have a high concentration of Mitragynine responsible for stimulating the body. According to Kratom fans, this strain offers an energy boost hence helps improve your productivity levels. 

Gold Bali can improve your cognitive performance. A combination of gold Bali Kratom effects is thought to work in synergy to improve cognitive performance. The mental stimulation that results in increased alertness is thought to be the result of the interaction of alkaloids on certain receptors in the brain

Gold Bali can also help to boost your mood, boost your confidence, relieve your anxiety, and help to induce sleep. 

Gold Bali Kratom has unlimited healing properties, it's a versatile Kratom strain that you can use every day whether it's for pain relief, relaxation or to get an energy boost.