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Kratom: Best User Guide for Beginners

Stepping in the world of kratom can be a little confusing. There is so much to learn from how to take it, which strain you want and the difference between them. While although many people take it for opiate withdrawal, it can also be used as a stimulant. With so much information out there, a lot of it is either redundant, completely false, or very little information.

What is Kratom?

Kratom comes from a plant that is grown in Indonesia. The active ingredient in it comes from Mitragyna Specioa which is a tropical evergreen tree from the coffee family. It does go through a small process to turn it into powder, capsules or liquid shots. These make it easier to ingest since there are different ways to take kratom.

Kratom comes in various different strains. Just like cannabis, each strain can give you a different effect you're looking for. Strains go by the color of the vein of the leaf. These colors range from red, green, yellow and white.

vein plant kratom

Effects of Kratom?

The effects kratom are going to vary from different strains. Some are going to make you a bit more lethargic and relaxed while others are more stimulating. It also depends on how you take it. Smaller doses are more stimulating where as higher doses are more sedative.This is due to the active alkaloid content which has both effects. The alkaloids act as an opiate receptor against. 


When people take Kratom for stimulating reasons, it gives them an increased physical energy output and it even makes them more alert. It also makes you more talkative because of the excess energy. Some people claim to have more sexual energy. You also get more motivation to complete tasks. Although you can get stimulated through the Central Nervous System, Kratom is more on a cognitive stimulant. 


The reason why Kratom helps so many people is because of the sedative effects. Many people feel less sensitive to physical or emotional pain because of these effects. You feel super relaxed and calm. Some people claim to be in a "waking-dream" like state.

Type of Kratom?

There are a few different types of kratom. The kratom is the same, it just matters how its prepared and some can be a bit more potent.


Capsules are the most popular form of kratom. This is most likely because they're the easiest to ingest. Each capsule is generally 500mg so they're already pre-measured. The guess work is already taken out of the equation. The dosage per capsule can change depending on the brand you're taking but this is the average.


Powder is a very versatile way to take your kratom. It can be turned into capsules and it can be taken in many different ways. Some people brew it into their tea, mix it with their drinks or smoothies, or simply toss and wash it by taking a scoop and dumping it into your mouth.

Powder gives you the raw taste of it which some people don't like. It does taste a bit grassy and herbal so some people like to mask the taste. 

Liquid Shot

The kratom liquid shot is a super strong and potent version of the other forms, except this is concentrated. You get more bang for your buck but they usually come in single shots. This means the serving size is for one time use. Although the taste is much stronger, the potency is too. 

Liquid kratom extracts are created from extracting the alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. The leaves are boiled to extract the active ingredient out and then they're strained to remove any solid particles.


There are many questions surrounding this topic. We will try to answer all of the frequently asked questions.

Does Kratom Cause Stomach Issues?

Kratom can cause some gastrointestinal issues if you're new to taking it or have a very sensitive stomach. This can also be a big issue if you take it on an empty stomach. Similar to taking zinc and certain vitamins, you will feel a tight knot in your stomach.

Side Effects

Although there aren't many side effects compared to others, there are some to discuss. We will break it down into two different kinds, the short term and the long term.


In the short term, there are a few things to look at when you take kratom. Some people experience decreased appetite along with some drowsiness. The drowsiness is experienced more when you take it on an empty stomach.


Taking higher doses for a longer time, you will definitely feel some negative side effects that people relate to opioid-like effects. Some of those are lethargy, addiction and seizures. 

Opiate Withdrawal

Many people suffer from opiate addiction, the addiction itself is terrorizing. Most people have lost hope in what they can do to help themselves. A lot of people have turned to kratom to help them kick the habit. Learning to ween off of opiates can be very beneficial if you use the right strains.