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How to Take Kratom: Best Guide

Kratom can be taken in many ways and the best way to take kratom is definitely up to you. You can decide to take it in a powder form which will kick in very quick. Depending on how you take it, it will effect the length of time you feel it along with the potency. Kratom in general has a very distinct taste to it. Generally people either don't like it or don't mind it. It tastes almost grassy, leafy and herbal. They both come in all the different strains.  

kratom powder vs kratom extract

Best Ways on How to Take Kratom

Taking kratom ultimately comes down to how you want to take it and how you prefer it. Taking capsule kratoms makes you limited on creativity but the powder form can be used in many different ways. It often times breaks down in your body better.

Always remember this piece of note. If you are just starting out, remember to not overdo kratom and start small. You never know how your body reacts to something when it is your first time taking it. Avoid taking large doses.

Taking Kratom on an Empty Stomach

One thing about kratom you'd want to know is it's best when taken on an empty stomach. This is because it kicks in much quicker. The reason for this is because the wait for metabolization and absorption is much shorter. It also increases how much you will feel from what you took. Taking kratom on an empty stomach will pack a bigger punch than if you have eaten already.

If you are going to take kratom on an empty stomach, be prepared to experience small gastrointestinal issues like nausea or stomach pains, almost like a knot in your stomach. You can eat something small like a banana or a fruit so you don't experience this. The effect should be very similiar.


Kratom in the powder form gives you the ability to try it in different foods or drinks. Some people like to mix it in their food and others mix it in their smoothie.

Benefits of Powder

  • Fast acting effects
  • Great bang for your buck
  • Harder to dose precisely
  • Strong taste makes it harder to take (there are tricks to help this!)


  • Low: Up to .5 tsp.
  • Moderate: 1 to 1.5 tsp.
  • High: 2 to 2.5 tsp.

Different Kratom Powders

How to Take Powder Kratom

Below are a few different ways on how to take powder kratom. You can pick and choose what suits you best by experiencing each one of these. Each one will be a little bit different. If you like the taste of it, you can take it in this form.

Toss and Wash

This technique known as the toss and wash is one of the quickest way to take powder and not look back. It is super simple and can often be the most potent way. This is because it is already crushed powder so half the job is done for your body. It also absorbs into the body quicker.

It can be a better way to go in some sense since Kratom is known to cause dehydration. Doing the toss and wash requires the last part which is the wash. Wash your tongue full of powder down with a large cup of water. Matter of fact, the powder is so thick, it will clump up and be hard to swallow it. Make sure not to breathe through your nose with the powder still in your mouth. This can cause small particles to get trapped in your throat, which will result in your coughing.

Mixing With Food

Kratom generally gives you the best results when it's taken on an empty stomach. However, some people get stomach issues when they take it on an empty stomach. Due to this reason, people like to add the powder a bit to your food. You won't feel the full effects of the kratom like this but you can be sure that it is a bit safer. Some people mix it into their soups or stews.


One of the most common ways powder is taken is in your drink. Whether that's a juice or a smoothie, it doesn't matter. Matter of fact, mixing it with antioxidants will work better because it helps your metabolism start up faster. These includes different fruits like berries and such. This is a good way to mix the flavor so you're not tasting the herbal grassy taste.

Another great idea people have started doing recently is using kratom with their protein powders mixed in a drink. This creates a good concoction that will help mask the taste.


If you don't want your kratom in a cold drink, you can definitely steep it into tea. You can either put it in a small kettle to let it boil down or you can put it in a tea bag and let it steep in your tea. 


Taking kratom by the capsule is the most common way to take it. Capsules remind people of medicine which is commonly used. It is also the easiest way to take it. Simply put them in your mouth and swallow it down. It is best used with water.

Kratom Capsules

Benefits of Capsules

  • Easy to take
  • Almost no taste
  • Easy to dose
  • Slower acting effects
  • Less bang for your buck


  • Low: 1 to 2 g (2-4 capsules)
  • Moderate: 2 to 4.5 g (4-9 capsules)
  • High: 4.5 to 8 g (9-16 capsules)

How to Take Capsule Kratom

If you don't like the taste of kratom, this is a great way to take them. You will get a hint of the taste through the capsules, especially when they digest or metabolize in your body. Taking it through capsules is the easiest way.

Extract Liquid Shot

Another way you can take Kratom is through extract liquid shots. These are extracted or concentrated forms of kratom that come in little vials. They contain 1-2 fluid ounces of kratom liquid extracts.This means you can take the whole shot at once. They come in various different tastes and some just taste like concentrated kratom. So if you don't like the taste of regular kratom, these will be super harsh. They are stronger than taking it in the powder or capsule form because they are concentrated. This means what you will get through a regular dose is magnified through these shots.

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